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10 Must-Do Summer Camp Games

Summer camp is all about the games and activities. It’s an iconic part of childhood. Making new friends, memories, and unforgettable experiences help shape campers’ summers – and their character. Adding color powder to the mix can enhance these moments with bursts of joy and color; taking them from expected to extraordinary.

Here are some creative activities incorporating color powder that are perfect for summer camps: 

Color Powder Color Wars

color powder summer camp gamesColor Wars are a classic summer camp game! Organize campers into teams and have them compete in various challenges where they can earn color powder packets: 

  • Stack three apples on top of each other without falling
  • Keep three balloons in the air for one minute without letting any touch the ground
  • Flip 10 plastic cups upside down using only one hand
  • Toss 10 marshmallows or cotton balls one at a time onto a piece of double-sided tape attached to a wall
  • Use a spoon to catapult 10 small objects (like marshmallows) into a container 

Culminate the event with a massive color throw, where teams bombard each other with their accumulated powders, filling the air with color and laughter.


Color Powder Obstacle Courses

Set up an obstacle course where campers navigate through climbing walls, crawl spaces, and balance beams. At various points, they get doused with different colors of powder:

  • Set up low crawl tunnels and have volunteers sprinkle color powder on the campers as they crawl through.
  • Set up a slide with color powder streaks to cover campers as they slide down. 
  • Set up a color-dodge challenge of hanging water balloons filled with water and color powder. Campers can swing the balloons back and forth as players attempt to dodge them.

This not only adds fun to the physical challenge but also leaves participants vibrantly decorated by the end. 

Color Powder Tag

Similar to traditional tag, but the person who is “it” uses a squeeze bottle of color powder to tag others by tagging them with powder. This adds a fun visual element to the game, as everyone can see who has been tagged by their colorful markings. 

Color Powder Slip and Slide Races

Lay out two side-by-side slip-and-slides and sprinkle different color powder colors over it. As campers slide through, they get covered in colors, creating a fun and messy activity that’s perfect for hot summer days.

summer-camp-games-color-powderCapture the Flag

Color powder is the perfect addition to the classic Capture the Flag game! The goal is to capture the opposing team’s flag while defending your own, with added color powder tactics. Here’s how:

  • Divide the field into designated territories, each with color-marked zones (e.g., Red Zone, Blue Zone, Green Zone).
  • Place each team’s flag in a designated area within their territory.
  • Provide each team with color powder packets or squeeze bottles matching their zone colors for defensive use.
  • Capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it to your base without getting tagged.
  • Tagged players freeze or go to “jail” until freed by a teammate.
  • Tagged flag carriers drop the flag, which stays put until picked up again.

A Classic Color Run

Organize a mini color run or color walk on campgrounds where campers run or walk through a course and get showered with color powder at different stations. This can be a fun and active way to start a day at camp. 

Color Powder Relays

Set up relay races where teams must carry cups or buckets filled to the brim with bulk color powder from one point to another without spilling. This can include obstacles they need to navigate around. The first team to fill up a container at the finish line wins. 

Nighttime Color Powder Dance / Color War

Host a nighttime dance where black lights illuminate the color powder. Provide white t-shirts and let campers go wild with the color powders, creating a glowing dance party. Hand out glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces, or sunglasses as keepsakes.

Color Powder Art

While not technically a game, art projects are a classic summer camp activity Use color powders to create large-scale art projects. When the project is complete, take aerial photos for a memorable keepsake. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Color Powder Footprint Path: Lay out a long piece of canvas or paper. Campers dip their feet in trays of color powder and walk along the canvas, creating a path of colorful footprints.
  • Giant Canvas Mural: Spread a large canvas drop cloth on the ground and let campers freehand or use stencils to create intricate designs with school glue. They can sprinkle color powder freely or follow a theme, like nature or abstract art.

How to Lead Camp Games

summer camp games Leading camp games effectively requires a blend of enthusiasm, inclusivity, and creativity. Here are some essential tips to ensure everyone has a fantastic time:

Prioritize Fun Over Competition

Often, not keeping score can make games more enjoyable and less stressful. Focus on fun, activity, and community rather than winning or losing. While keeping score can be fun in competitive games, it’s not always necessary.

Be Creative with Game Rules

Don’t be afraid to tweak the rules of any game to keep it fresh and inclusive. For example, take a classic game like Twister and add piles of color powder or water balloons to the mix. Unexpected variations can make familiar games feel new and exciting.

Engage with Campers

Your participation is crucial. When you actively join in the games, campers are more inclined to participate and enjoy themselves. Play alongside them, meeting them at their level.

Prepare for Different Activity Levels

Have a diverse range of games ready to accommodate varying energy and athleticism levels –  and weather conditions. Having a plan means you can always adapt to the group’s mood and physical capabilities, making the games fun for all players.

Encourage Camper Leadership

Provide opportunities for campers to lead games, explain rules, choose captains, set boundaries, and resolve conflicts. This helps build their leadership skills, independence, and self-esteem, making the experience more rewarding for them.

Promote Equal Participation

Pay attention to the involvement of each camper. Be sure everyone gets a fair share of participation. If needed, modify games to keep everyone engaged, especially those who might be less athletic or outgoing.

Encourage Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Establish a positive environment from the start. Set ground rules that promote respect and positive behavior. Rules like no taunting or name-calling go a long way. Emphasize that games are about having fun and reflecting the camp’s values of respect and cooperation.

End Games on a High Note

Stop the game while everyone is still having fun so campers will look forward to playing it again. If a game continues too long, players can become bored of it or become overly competitive.

Color Powder Camp Games and Activities

Always give parents a heads-up that their kids will be playing with color powder at camp and suggest they dress them in clothes that can get messy. Remember to handle color powder with care and choose a supplier that offers non-toxic, safe options that are easy to clean up. Even though our color powder is designed to wash out easily, some synthetic fabrics might still catch the color.

Integrating color powder into camp games and activities not only adds an element of surprise and excitement for your camp kids.  It also helps create vibrant, Instagram-worthy moments that campers will remember for years to come.

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