Color Powder Dance Party

Looking to throw an epic event for your school, church, or community? Why not try out a color powder dance party? Not sure exactly how to do that? Don’t worry, Color Powder Supply Co. has you covered. We will explain what a color powder dance party is and help you plan one!

What is a color powder dance party?

A color powder dance party is exactly what it sounds like. A dance party involving color powder. Invite everyone to a dance party and make sure that they wear white or a basic color. Then, when the dancing starts and the lights are going—spray everyone with color powder. It’s a surprising and unique way to celebrate! It makes for great photo opportunities and everyone will be excited to walk away covered in color. 

How to plan a color powder dance party

There are a few things you need to consider when you are planning a color powder dance party. They are:

  • The amount of color powder you will need
  • Distribution method
  • How you will make it memorable

Amount of color powder you will need

The amount of color powder you will need for your dance party is dependent on the number of people coming and how much color powder you would like each person to have. Now, once you have that information you can use our helpful calculator to figure out exactly how much you will need. 

Distribution method

How do you want everyone to get covered in color? There are a variety of ways to distribute the color powder. You can have the participants join in on the fun by having them distribute the color on each other throughout the dance. This can be done by giving each person a squeeze bottle or packet. You could also have color stations where participants can grab color whenever they want. 

Make it memorable

Make sure you make your color powder dance party memorable by starting or ending the night with a bang! You can do this a number of ways. One of them is by having the DJ spray the participants at the end of the night with a color powder extinguisher! Color Powder Supply Co. carries a variety of color powder accessories including color powder extinguishers

Choose Color Powder Supply Co. 

Color Powder Supply Co. is America’s number one wholesale color powder supplier in the USA. Our color powder is made from FDA-approved ingredients—making them safe while still staying vibrant. We also provide fast shipping and free shipping for orders over $50. We even have buy-back and loyalty programs that save our customers money. 

What are you waiting for? Your color powder dance party is just around the corner. Order your color powder today!

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