8 Color Powder Games to Liven Up Your Gender Reveal Party

8 color powder games to liven up your gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties are a fun way to involve your friends and family in celebrating one of life’s best milestones together. Gender reveal ideas range from simple to extravagant, finding unique gender reveal ideas has never been easier. Color powder gender reveal games are a unique twist on a traditional gender reveal that involves your […]

How Do You Plan a Chalk Powder Gender Reveal?

In 2022, it’s impossible not to have come across chalk powder gender reveal parties. Expecting parents carry out this celebration as a means of revealing the baby’s sex to their friends and family. Often, spouses choose to surprise their significant other in the form of a gender reveal party, adding to the intrigue and festivities […]

How to Buy Pink Color Powder for Gender Reveal Parties


Gender reveal parties have been around for 14 years now, with blogger Jenna Karvunidis being credited for coming up with the idea. The concept of revealing your child’s gender to friends and family while you’re still pregnant has evolved from the initial concept involving a cake with colored icing inside. Today, gender reveal parties can involve […]

2022 Gender Reveal Trends Using Color Powder


People love celebrating gender reveals, which makes the 2022 gender reveal trends using color powder that much more exciting. Gender reveals are traditionally celebrated with colors representing the baby-to-be’s gender. The color powder works well for this occasion. You can fill balloons with color powder to keep it a surprise and then pop them for […]

5 Tips for Using Color Powder


Whether celebrating Holi, throwing a gender reveal, or just wanting some excitement at your party, these 5 tips for using color powder can be the key to bumping your event to the next level. Using color powder correctly can mean the difference between just another occasion and a truly memorable one. Here are five tips […]

What is Color Powder Used For?


As America’s number one wholesale color powder supplier in the USA, we get a lot of questions on what color powder is used for. In general color powder can be used at almost any event you are planning. We have created a short list of all the different events color powder can be used at, […]

Blue Color Powder Gender Reveal

blue color powder gender reveal

Having a baby boy is so exciting! There are many ways you can use blue color powder to reveal to your friends and family that a new little man is coming into their lives. Here are five ways to enjoy sharing the news with them. Blue Color Powder Toss it up Blue color powder in […]

Pink Color Powder Gender Reveal Ideas

pink color powder gender reveal

When it’s time to let your family and friends know the gender of your baby, there are some fun ways you can do it using color powder. Here are five ways to enjoy sharing the news with your tribe. Dark Balloon Pop With Pink Powder Inside Pink color powder inside of a giant reveal balloon […]

Is Color Powder Safe?


Who doesn’t enjoy an event where color powder is being tossed into the air? With the addition of color powder to events such as music festivals, birthday parties, gender reveal parties, races, fundraising events, and more, guests will enjoy creating memories that will last for years. Fortunately, the Color Supply Co. offers a variety of […]