How to Make a Color Powder Explosion

Celebrating a festival or a significant event in your life entails the best party components. One of the vital elements for any festivity is color powder. It’s safe, literally adds more color to your life, and also brings in a bit of fun to the mix. What makes color powder special for key events like fundraisers or other celebrations is its versatility, meaning it can be used in a variety of ways. You can opt to dispense color powder on its own, mix it with water, or even better, create your own color powder explosion. 

color-powder-explosionMaking Your Own Color Powder Explosion

You can use color powder in multiple ways to achieve an explosive effect. However, the best ideas are sometimes the most simple ones. Start small and experiment with balloons. Simply fill up a balloon with enough color powder, making sure it is shaped into the form of a ball. Make a small incision on the top of the balloon where the color can slip out, and place it on a pedestal. Grab a baseball bat and smash the rounded balloon for an explosive effect. Alternatively, you can also get powder cannons that let you shoot color powder into the air, mimicking an explosion. 

While a color powder explosion is fun and pretty to look at, it isn’t without its risks. Because of this, make sure you take all precautions, ensuring that your guests aren’t irritated or affected by the explosion in a negative way. Here are some tips to ensure your color powder explosions achieve your desired effect:

Stay Outdoors

This number one rule is the simplest to follow. When planning a color powder explosion as part of a gender reveal party or any other celebration, it is important to host the event outdoors. Doing the explosions outdoors will save you the hassle of deep cleaning your home just to remove the colors from all the hard-to-reach corners of the room. If you are in a public park or similar outdoor space, remember to get all the necessary permits before conducting a color powder explosion outdoors.

Using Color Powder the Right Way

You must take extra care when playing with color powder, especially when it comes to sensitive areas like the eyes. You wouldn’t want to accidentally injure your guests’ eyes with the color powder during a celebratory event. A safety measure would be to have all your guests wear sunglasses or protective eye gear to keep the color powder from getting into the eyes. 

Wearing the Right Clothes

If the event involves color being thrown at the guests, make sure you warn them to wear clothes they don’t mind staining. While most colors come off easily, things can get quite tricky when the color powder is mixed with water. The same rule applies to shoes as well. 

Get Your Color Powder Today

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