Unique Color Powder Games to Try

Color powder is an essential component of some of the most popular events and festivities. It is used during the Holi festival by millions of people around the world. Moreover, color powder is also frequently used in birthday celebrations and gender reveal parties. Traditional color powder is made using a combination of chalk and other elements. However, there’s usually no guarantee about the contents of off-brand color powders. Experts recommend buying color powder from reliable, FDA-approved providers to avoid any harmful effects on your skin. In addition to the festivities mentioned above, color powder can also be used for educational and fun games or activities. We’ll talk about a few of them today so that you can try them out for yourself. You may already recognize some of these activities, like birthday party games. Still, there are some other unique color powder games to try.

color-powder-gamesColor Powder Games You Can Try Today

Color Powder Yoga

While not the most popular form of yoga in practice today, this is potentially one of the most innovative uses of color powder. Participants basically perform yoga postures by holding color in either hand. You can decide how and when to dispense the colors, but make sure you have enough colors to distribute evenly among all participants. 

With yoga being associated with calmness, the thought of adding colors may seem counterintuitive. But studies show that engaging with colors can be extremely therapeutic and calming. So pairing yoga with colors is a genius combination for a relaxing yet creative activity.  

Color Powder Obstacle Course

An obstacle course can be a lot of fun, especially in your backyard with no more than five to six participants. Adding color powder to the equation makes the event even more enjoyable, as you can set up multiple types of obstacle courses involving color without ever leaving your backyard. 

One of our favorite ways of setting up an obstacle course in the backyard is by mixing color powder with water and filling them up in balloons. The participants then have to throw darts to burst the balloons.

For safety purposes, it is recommended to rest the stack of color-filled balloons against a solid backdrop, like a long wall. This is only one safe way to enjoy a simple backyard obstacle course, where users add their own color variants as they see fit. 

Color Powder Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party for your kids can be a real challenge. But one surefire way to ensure everybody has fun is by using color powder to celebrate the big day. Of course, this would involve throwing color powder at each other, either on its own or sometimes mixed with water for added effect. This means you would ideally want to be outdoors for this part of the birthday party. Additionally, it is doubly important to make sure you get non-toxic and chemical-free colors for the occasion.

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