What is Color War Powder?

Color wars are a favorite youth activity and popular across fundraisers, school summer camps, or any other event involving children. The basic premise behind this activity is to divide the children into two teams, with each team throwing color powder at each other. With color war powder being the core ingredient, you can play the games in many ways. The idea is to ensure the kids have fun. As you can imagine, color wars require large spaces, which is why it’s an ideal outdoor activity.  

How Much Color Powder Do You Need?

If you’re planning a color powder war in your community or school, you need to be fully aware of how much powder you’ll use. On average, set aside one to two pounds of color war powder per participant. The quantity can be decreased or increased depending on how the powder will be spent. Since color powder is available in sizes ranging from 0.15-pound packets to larger 5-pound packets, buyers have a handful of options to choose from. 

what-is-color-war-powderPlanning A Color War

While the idea of a color war is fairly easy to understand, it’s important to plan and make contingencies for factors like eye protection, clothing, and of course, the type of powder to use. You also have to manage the supply of color powder effectively to ensure your stocks aren’t exhausted midway through the event. Here are some ways to distribute your color powder supply:

Color Powder Balls

These are fairly simple to prepare and have the advantage of a puff of color popping out upon impact. The color powder balls need to be smaller in size to accommodate all participants. It is recommended to fill a tray or a bucket with premade color powder balls so the kids can get started right away. You may also try encouraging kids to make the color powder balls themselves, though we advise adult supervision during the process. 

Hand Out Individual Packets

Color war powder is available in small 70-gram packets from Color Powder Supply. These small individual packets can be readily distributed to kids participating in the color war. This allows the kids to be creative with color powder and could produce some exciting results.

Make Sure You Get The Right Color Powder

Your color war party can be a sure success if you make sure you get the right set of colors. At Color Powder Supply, we pride ourselves in selling the best quality color powders that are safe to use for everyone, as evidenced by our loyal consumer base. We have all the popular colors used in a conventional color war, ranging from green, yellow, red, purple, orange, pink, and more. 

We can supply color powder in small and large quantities, with the ability to bulk order the color powder of your choice from our website. Get in touch with us if you need help planning a color war party or determining the supplies you need for your outdoor event. 

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  1. I’m hosting a color war for high school students and plan on having around 30 to 40 participating. Can you recommend what product would work best and what quantity?

    1. Hi Carrie! Color powder in bulk will work best for your type of event. A good rule of thumb would be to plan on at least a half-pound of color powder per participant for up to three color stations. If there are more than three color stations, plan on three-fourths to one pound of color powder per participant. Please share photos or videos with us on Facebook or Instagram

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