Color Powder Events We Commonly Serve

While color powder is not something we often think about, it’s one of the most sought-after products for certain events, like gender reveal parties. However, this is not the only type of event where color powder is used. Given the versatility of a product like color powder, it can be used for practically any event. But organizers have to make sure they only use a supplier that offers FDA-approved color powder. Some off-brand color powders can harm the skin or even cause eye irritation due to the presence of some harmful chemicals. Let’s go over the list of color powder events we commonly serve.

Popular Color Powder Events We Commonly Serve

Color Runs or Walks

Color runs, sometimes referred to as color run fundraisers, involve participants (usually kids) running a certain distance, with volunteers at multiple checkpoints throwing a different color to indicate that the person has passed the checkpoint. 

A 5K run is best suited for these types of events. Organizers can help raise money by either charging a small fee to the participants of the run and/or by signing sponsorships with local businesses.

color-powder-eventsHoli Celebrations

Holi is a popular festival celebrated in South Asia and is sometimes referred to as the Festival of Spring. Celebrations are no longer limited to the region, however, with millions celebrating the joyous festival around the world, including in the US. 

Holi celebrations involve participants (usually dressed in white) applying colors to each other with music in the background. Using color powder is an essential part of Holi celebrations. Buying colors in bulk might be a suitable option given that they can run out pretty quickly. 

School Fundraisers

Fundraisers are a great idea to bring the community together. These are usually done during a crisis or a natural disaster such as hurricanes or floods or simply to raise money for charity. 

Color powder can be used in school-based fundraisers, with the involvement of both teachers and students, to make the experience doubly enjoyable. Maybe a quick color run within the school premises or just a color powder war among the students. These ideas have the benefit of helping you raise money while also encouraging more kids to participate.

Gender Reveal Parties

People who are planning a gender reveal party can find a few innovative ways to use color powder for the big moment. Perhaps it’s with a balloon filled with color powder that either parent has to burst or mixing the color powder with water for an added effect. Some may use food like cakes and pastries for a gender reveal party, but color powder is one of the more affordable ways to get the message across. 

Get Your Color Powder Today for Color Powder Events We Commonly Serve

We at Color Powder Supply Co., pride ourselves in offering the best quality of color powder and related products to the customers. Our color powder is FDA-approved, making it safe for the skin. It also washes off your clothes easily, which is an added benefit. 

Customers can get color powder in bulk or in smaller quantities from Color Powder Supply for all of the color powder events we commonly serve. We also sell color walk/run kits, color powder extinguishers, and color powder squeeze bottles. Visit our website today for more information on buying color powder from Color Powder Supply Co. Alternatively, you can call us at 833-265-6771 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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