Is All Color Powder The Same?

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Planning a gender reveal party, a color run fundraiser or other similar celebratory event requires some form of color powder. It’s natural to ask yourself if you can make these colors at home or if it’s safer to buy the color powder of your choice online. Safety is obviously a big concern for prospective buyers. […]

How Does a Color Powder Cannon Work?


Color powder has become a staple part of celebrating a family, group, church, or school event. Take your celebration to the next level with an explosive color powder cannon. At Color Powder Supply Co., we offer a wide range of color powder supplies; including color powder cannons. But how does a color powder cannon work? […]

Color Powder Events We Commonly Serve


While color powder is not something we often think about, it’s one of the most sought-after products for certain events, like gender reveal parties. However, this is not the only type of event where color powder is used. Given the versatility of a product like color powder, it can be used for practically any event. […]

What is Color War Powder?


Color wars are a favorite youth activity and popular across fundraisers, school summer camps, or any other event involving children. The basic premise behind this activity is to divide the children into two teams, with each team throwing color powder at each other. With color war powder being the core ingredient, you can play the […]

Color Powder Bombs – A Fun Way to Make Your Color Powder War a Blast!


Sometimes, you just need to add a little “color” to your life. Whether you need splashes of color for a baby’s gender reveal party, or you want to arm yourself and your friends with safe and silly tools to splatter each other with bright shades like pink or purple, color powder bombs are useful and […]

How To Save The Color In Your Color Run T-Shirt


Color runs are a great way to raise awareness for a cause while also providing participants with a memorable experience. Keep the memories alive by setting the color into your color run t-shirt. With these simple steps, your color run t-shirt is sure to last a lifetime.  Save the Color in Your Color Run T-Shirt […]

How to Plan a Color Powder War


Learning how to plan a color powder war is an exciting and memorable experience for all involved. Throwing color powder is safe, cheap, and great fun. It works well for parties or programming for youth groups or summer camps. It will also make for some unforgettable photo opportunities. Planning a color war is easy. The […]