How Does a Color Powder Cannon Work?

Color powder has become a staple part of celebrating a family, group, church, or school event. Take your celebration to the next level with an explosive color powder cannon. At Color Powder Supply Co., we offer a wide range of color powder supplies; including color powder cannons. But how does a color powder cannon work? Learn more about the functionality and discover how you can incorporate this entertaining choice into your next event!

What is Color Powder?

Color powder is a blend of food-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients such as cornstarch, natural minerals, and FDA-approved dyes. This blend can be used in various fun and entertaining ways such as celebrating Holi, participating in a color run, having a color war, and more. 

The purpose of color powder is to create vibrant explosions of color which spread over the participants and environment. Perfect for capturing pictures, creating a dazzling spectacle, and celebrating without harming the environment. 

What is a Color Powder Cannon?

Have you ever seen t-shirt cannons at the ballpark? A color powder cannon is a lot like that. They are cannons that explode in a centralized burst of color—creating a large cloud of color powder that rains down on the participants. These color powder cannons are ideal for any event where you want a grand display that shoots into the sky. Photographers can capture the huge cloud of color as it rises above you and falls down. 

How Does a Color Powder Cannon Work?

So, how does a color powder cannon work? Color powder cannons work in a similar way to most cannons. The color powder is placed into a compressed tube and rests inside of it until the releases it. Some color powder cannons come with strings that the user pulls, but most are activated by twisting the tube to release the pressure and send the color powder sailing upwards. When released, the color powder is ejected into the sky and spreads out in a huge display which then comes falling down.

color-powder-cannonFun Ways to Celebrate with a Color Powder Cannon

Now, that you know what a color powder cannon is, let’s discuss some of the fun ways you can use them to celebrate. One of the biggest uses of color powder cannons is for gender reveals. Both parents are handed a color powder cannon that has the color of the gender in it. They then twist the bottom of the cannon while the photographer captures the moment the gender is revealed. 

Another way to use color powder cannons is for color runs. As the participants are crossing the finish line, a group of volunteers can release the cannon—celebrating the competitor’s completion of the event. In addition, concerts, raves, and other outdoor events can benefit from the bit of fun that color powder cannons bring. 

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