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15 Ways To Elevate Your St Patrick’s Day Event

Saint Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating Irish culture, heritage, and having some fun. What better way to do it than with color powder! Bringing people together for a St Patrick’s Day party is a way to connect and make memories – and color powder is one way to make it unforgettable.

Patrick’s Day Color Powder Games

No party is complete without plenty of exciting games. Many of these games can be adapted to suit children of various ages, and they can provide a lot of fun and entertainment for younger players Whether the party is for kids, adults, or a mix of both, these popular color powder games will delight your guests:  


Shamrock Hunt

The Shamrock Hunt is essentially a simple themed scavenger hunt. Players find hidden shamrock shapes and collect them to throw color powder into the air.

To set up, cut out shamrock shapes from cardstock (or buy pre-cut shamrocks). Make enough shamrocks for at least the number of players. Create different sizes, ensuring they are large enough to hold a green color powder packet. Attach a green color powder packet to each shamrock using tape or adhesive.


Hide the shamrocks around the venue in locations appropriate for the age group of the players. Set the players loose in the space with a 10-minute timer.


When a player finds a shamrock, they open the green color powder packet and throw it into the air. This not only creates a festive burst of green color, it can amp up the competition of the game. At the end of the time limit, the player (or team) with the most shamrocks is the winner.


Leprechaun Obstacle Course

Set up a colorful Color Obstacle Course where players navigate through challenges, like crawling under nets or jumping over hurdles. At various stations, they get dusted with color powder, culminating in a colorful finish line. On-theme challenge ideas include:

  • Shamrock Shuffle: Place shamrock-shaped cardstock or foam mats on the ground. Players must hop or step from one shamrock to the next without touching the ground. Adjust spacing based on the age and ability of those playing. 
  • Lucky Leprechaun Limbo: Set up a limbo pole decorated with green and gold streamers. Players must limbo under the pole without touching it or falling to pass the challenge. 
  • Green Bag Toss: Place large buckets at varying distances, each labeled with a point value. The further the bucket, the larger the point value. Players toss bean bags (which can be filled with color powder) into the buckets to score enough points to pass.
  • Lucky Charms Balance Beam: Set up a narrow balance beam or plank on the ground and decorate it with shamrock stickers or painted decals. Players must walk across the beam without falling off or touching the decorations.
  • End of the Rainbow Slide: Finish the obstacle course with a slide covered in green color powder, representing the end of the rainbow. 

Leprechaun Tag

A fun spin on Color Tag, this game starts with one player as the “leprechaun” who carries a squeeze bottle of green color powder


The leprechaun is positioned in the center of the play area while other players can choose any starting point. The Leprechaun then chases other players tagging them by releasing a burst of green color powder, marking the tagged player.


The tagged player then becomes the new leprechaun, and the game continues. For older players, make the game more challenging by blindfolding the leprechaun.


Shamrock Relay Race

Set up a Mini Color Run relay race style where teams carry a shamrock-shaped cardboard cutout covered in green color powder from one end of the course to the other. 


Each team member takes turns carrying the shamrock while navigating obstacles or completing challenges (like in the obstacle course). The team with the fastest time and the least amount of color powder spilled wins!


St Patrick’s Day Color Powder Decor

Just like every good party needs exciting games, every St. Patrick’s Day celebration needs charming decorations to make the party pop.


Colorful Entryways

Greet guests with a rainbow archway by lightly dusting color powder in green, gold, and white across the entrance path. Use stencils to create shamrock patterns on the ground.


Color Powder Balloon Arch Entrance

Start your party off right with an on-theme balloon arch. Simply inflate clear balloons and fill them with green color powder and gold glitter. Attach them to a sturdy frame in an arch shape using balloon tape or hand them from your doorway with string. 

As a bonus, invite guests to burst the balloons as they pass through releasing bursts of green color powder and glitter into the air.


Leprechaun Footprints:color powder for st patricks day 

Add a playful touch to your party decor by creating leprechaun footprints using green color powder. Use large stencils or cutouts to make footprints along pathways, leading guests to different areas of the celebration. You can also scatter gold coins or shamrock-shaped confetti along the footprints to enhance the magical atmosphere.


Color Powder Table Centerpieces

Use glass jars or vases filled with green color powder, glitter, and water as table centerpieces. Arrange the jars or vases on tables and add decorative elements like shamrock charms, gold coins, or LED tea lights for added flair. 


Sprinkle a bit of color powder on the table around the centerpieces to bring everything together.


Color Powder Lanterns

Decorate white paper lanterns with green color powder by using spray adhesive to create an illuminated on-theme decor. You can also use spray adhesive glitter to add a sparkly touch. 


Hang the lanterns from the ceiling above featured areas or string them along outdoor areas to create a festive ambiance. Use battery-operated LED lights inside the lanterns to make them safely glow from within. 


St Patrick’s Day Color Powder Craft Ideas


As the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day fills your party, our guests can get creative and add a splash of vibrant color to the celebrations or as a memento of the event.


Mini Blarney Stones

These miniature versions of the famous Irish landmark can be a fun and creative activity for friends and family to enjoy together. Simply paint adhesive onto small (clean) rocks then pour green color powder on to coat the stones with vibrant color. 


color powder slimeRainbow Slime

Make rainbow slime by adding color powder to a clear slime or white slime base. Divide the slime into equal portions and combine each portion with a different color of color powder. Guests can mix the colored slime together to create a rainbow effect that younger kids will love to play with.


Colorful Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Tie-dye t-shirts double as both a craft activity and a party favor. Guests can use bulk color powder to create tie-dye patterns on white t-shirts. Experiment with different folding and tying techniques to create unique designs, like rainbow spirals or green-on-white stripes.


St Patrick’s Day Color Powder Party Favors 


If crafting isn’t the vibe for your party, you can still send your guests home with a little something to remember all the fun you’ve had together.


Treasure Box Bar

Set up a bar with gold candies and chocolates and green color powder. Guests fill small treasure box containers or bags with green color powder and gold chocolate coins to create a ‘pot of gold’ party favors. 


Consider adding fun treasures like stickers or temporary tattoos of St. Patrick’s Day symbols like shamrocks, leprechauns, or pots of gold. Tie the containers or bags with gold ribbon and add a shamrock tag or sticker to complete the festive look.


Shamrock Confetti Packets

Fill small envelopes or bags with green shamrock-shaped confetti and green color powder. Add a note encouraging guests to toss the confetti for luck during the celebration.


Leprechaun Dust Bottles

For a quick and easy option. Pick up our squeeze bottles in green and add a green glitter label to make “Leprechaun Dust” favors. Attach a tag with a fun message like “Sprinkle this Leprechaun Dust for good luck!”


St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas


As you prepare to celebrate the luck of the Irish, dare to add color powder to your festivities and watch as your party transforms into an extraordinary experience that will be reminisced about fondly for years to come. Let the colors ignite the spirit of celebration and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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