25 ways to use color powder packets

25 Ways to Use Color Powder Packets

You’ve probably heard of color powder before, but you might be surprised to know that color powder is available in pre-measured packets. Bright hues of green, blue, orange, red, yellow, and even pink and purple sealed in 2.47 oz packets make planning and playing color powder events and games simple and stress-free. Leaving you to enjoy the fun rather than measure out bulk powder.

Advantages of Color Powder Packets:

If you have a small to medium-sized event or want a variety of colors in manageable quantities, individual color powder packets offer several unique advantages:fun things to do with color powder

  • Convenience: Color powder packets are pre-measured at 70 Grams (2.47 oz.) making them easy to distribute without the need for additional measuring or packaging.
  • Portability: Individual packets are easy to carry, making them perfect for events where participants may need to carry their own color powder.
  • Ready-to-Use: Since the powder is pre-packaged, it’s ready to use straight out of the packet, saving you time and effort in preparation.
  • Less Mess: Packets help minimize the potential for mess or spills during distribution and use, equating to a cleaner and more organized event.
  • Variety of Colors: Color powder packets come in assorted color packs (250 count, 50 count, 10 packs), providing a variety of colors in the perfect amount for your needs.
  • Individual Distribution: Ideal for events where participants will be actively using or throwing the powder, as it allows for controlled and individual distribution.
  • Reduced Waste for Small Events: If you’re organizing a small event, individual packets help minimize waste, as you won’t have leftover bulk powder.
  • Easy Cleanup: Since the powder is contained in individual packets, cleanup is typically easier and more manageable.
  • Customization for Small Events: If you’re organizing a smaller gathering and want a specific color mix, you can easily customize the combination by using premeasured color powder packets.
  • Reduced Spillage: The sealed packets minimize the risk of accidental spills or leakage, especially during transportation or storage.
  • Enhanced Organization: Individual packets make it easier to organize and distribute the powder, ensuring that each participant receives the correct amount and color.

How To Use Color Powder Packets: The Classics

Color powder is originally a vibrant pillar of the Holi festival, seen on faces, in games, and in rangoli art in India. It has recently made headway in color runs and color run fundraisers and even as colorful party favors.

Holi Celebration: 

Embrace the traditional Indian festival of Holi by immersing yourselves in the culture and celebration. 

The Color Run: 

Participants run through a designated course, passing color powder stations where they are showered with vibrant hues. Color runs are a popular and energetic event for all ages.

Wedding / Party Favors: 

Color Powder packets in themed colors make for fun and interactive favors for weddings, school dances, and other events. The individual packets make the process of creating hundreds of favors quick and easy. 

Color Powder Packet Fundraisers 

Color powder packets are a powerful fundraising tool both before the event and on-site. This simple fundraising tool can help you raise over $10,000 for your cause.

Race Kits:

Each participant should receive a race kit upon signing in. Race kits should include a branded white cotton t-shirt for participants to wear during the run. Also consider including sunglasses, an individual color powder packet, any offers from sponsors and local businesses, and something fun like instant temporary tattoos or a branded sticker.

On-Site Fundraising: 

Selling color packets before the event can be a significant source of revenue. Selling additional color packets during the event allows participants to top up their supplies.

Color Powder Packet Activities

Color powder packets elevate classic games and activities to vibrant memories that will last a lifetime.

Colorful Relay Race: ways to use color powder packets

Teams compete in a relay race, with each member carrying a color powder packet. The baton is passed by throwing the color powder, and the first team to finish wins.

Color Powder Scavenger Hunt:

Host a scavenger hunt where participants follow colorful clues and collect color powder packets at various locations. The hunt ends with a burst of color as everyone celebrates together.

Color Powder Tug-of-War:

Add a twist to the classic game of tug-of-war by incorporating color powder. The winning team gets to throw color powder at the losing team for an added element of fun.

Color Powder Cornhole:

Adapt the popular game of cornhole by adding a colorful twist. Players aim to throw color powder-filled bags into the cornhole board for points.

Color Burst Tag: 

A thrilling game where players tag each other while carrying color powder. The excitement intensifies as participants dodge and dart, leaving clouds of color in their wake.

Color Powder Slip ‘n Slide:

Transform a traditional slip ‘n slide into a colorful adventure by sprinkling color powder along the way. Participants slide through bursts of color for added excitement.

Color Powder Freeze Tag:

Play a classic game of freeze tag but with the added challenge of avoiding being tagged by someone carrying color powder. Participants freeze when tagged until someone unfreezes them.

Color Powder Relay Obstacle Course:

Design an obstacle course where participants navigate through various challenges while carrying color powder. Each completed obstacle adds a new burst of color.

Color Powder Fight/War: 

Participants engage in a friendly color powder fight, throwing powder at each other. Packets make distribution seamless.

Color Powder Dance Party:

Organize a dance party where participants groove to music while throwing color powder in the air.

Color Powder Target Practice:

Set up targets and challenge participants to hit them with color powder-filled projectiles, such as water balloons or paintballs. Or hang color powder balloons on a board for a bold twist on THE classic darts game.

Color Powder Photoshoot: 

Organize a colorful photo shoot where participants throw color powder at each other or up in the air, creating dynamic and vibrant photos. Ideal for celebrating memorable moments.

Color Powder Art And Science Projects:

Incorporate color powder into art projects by mixing it with clear glues or paints to create unique textures and effects on canvas or paper. Seasonal crafts and everyday experiments offer learning and creativity.

Colorful Sidewalk Art: 

Mix color powder with water to create a paste and use it to draw temporary and colorful designs on sidewalks or driveways. Packets make mixing and measuring simple, even for younger kids. 

Color Snow Painting:

Turn freshly fallen snow into a masterpiece by sprinkling, blowing, or painting with color powder. Add a whimsicaltouch to snowmen and other snow sculptures with the ease of color powder packets.

Color Powder Paint Party:

A lively party where participants use color powder as paint to create collaborative artwork. Packets make distribution and use simple and easy.color powder packets

Color Powder Slime: 

What better way to spend a rainy day stuck inside than a family craft. Making slime with color powder packets is a simple but exciting way to keep the kids happy.

DIY Tie-Dye Clothing: 

Mix color powder with water and use it for tie-dyeing clothing. Then follow these steps to preserve the color of your shirt. Packets make handling and measuring colors easy.

Color Powder Science Experiments:

Use color powder for educational purposes by conducting science experiments that explore concepts like mixtures, solubility, and color blending. You can even add color powder to the classic baking soda volcano experiment.

Color Powder Decor:

Incorporate color powder into festival decorations, using it to fill balloons, create banners, or add colorful elements to the event space.

Color Powder Party Poppers:

Use color powder-filled confetti cannons for a dramatic and visually stunning effect. This works well for special moments or announcements at events.

Colorful Balloon Burst: 

Fill balloons with color powder and organize a balloon burst activity. Participants pop the balloons, creating a burst of color and excitement.

Color Powder Gender Reveal: 

Use color powder to reveal the gender of a baby. With a color powder burst or gender reveal games, the color powder will add a vibrance and new level of excitement to your event.

Cleaning Up Color Powder

Our color powder is designed to be safe and simple to clean up:

Clothes: Clothes should be washed promptly to remove color powder pigments. Shake out clothing well first. Then rinse your clothes in a cold water cycle before washing to avoid any staining.


A standard detergent is strong enough to remove even set in color powder but it may take a few wash cycles. Wash your color powder clothes on their own – don’t mix them with the rest of your laundry. Or for a fun memento of your day preserve the color powder in your shirt and enjoy the fun memories every time you wear it. 

Skin and Hair: Our color powder is designed to easily come off skin and hair. First, remove any loose powder by brushing off skin and hair. You can even use a hair dryer on a cool setting to speed things up. Then, just use your typical soap and shampoo for skin and hair. 

However, for those with very light blonde/bleached hair or fair skin, it may take a few rinse-and-repeats to fully remove the pigment. The color powder won’t permanently stain hair but if you are concerned use a deep conditioner before the event and wear a hat when using color powder.

Patios, Decks, and Pavers: Remove any loose powder with a leaf blower or broom. Then hose down the area or wait for a rainstorm to do the work for you.

Color Powder Packets Are Versatile And Fun

Now that you know how versatile and easy using color powder packets can be, it’s time to add them to your next event, fundraiser, or party. 

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