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Looking to buy Bulk Color Powder?

If you’re looking for bulk color powder supply in the USA, head on over to Color Powder Supply. We’re dedicated to offering safe bulk color powder in a variety of vibrant colors, including blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow. Additionally, we offer speedy shipping for your convenience, and all our ingredients meet FDA standards for safety.

What can bulk color powder be used for, though? Well, for starters, bulk color powder makes for a great addition to every type of celebration, including gender reveal parties, fun color race-runs, music festivals, fundraisers, birthday parties, and more. Tossing color powder into the air during a festival or incorporating it into a party is fun for everyone involved, and it really goes a long way toward making events memorable. Let’s check out in more detail how you can use our bulk color powder.

Gender Reveal Parties

One of the biggest trends for expectant parents today is to make a spectacle out of announcing the gender of their unborn child with gender reveal parties. A common way our bulk color powders can be added to a reveal party is by adding blue or pink powder to a balloon or piñata and then popping or busting it open when it’s time for the big reveal. Not only is this exciting and fun for the expectant parents, but party guests get a kick out of the spectacle, as well.

Fun Color Race-Run Powder

Fun color race-runs are all the rage right now and are a great way for friends or family members to bond and spend time together doing something fun. Typically, fun color race-run fundraisers are untimed and guide runners along a preplanned course where spectators shower them with color powder. These runs are the most fun when runners wear white shirts to better display the array of colors being thrown at them. We are a popular choice for color race-run powder and color race-run race kits!

Why You Should Buy Our Bulk Color Powder

There are many reasons why you should choose Color Powder Supply over other color powder providers. For starters, our team is passionate about putting customers first and works hard to meet their bulk color powder needs. In addition, unlike powder from other providers, all our bulk color powders are safe, nontoxic, and made from ingredients that won’t harm skin or clothing. Lastly, our products are affordable, come in a variety of colors, and come in a handful of convenient package sizes to meet your needs.

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