Does Color Powder Stain?


Color powder is a super fun, safe ingredient that you can add to food, balloons, paints, and more! But whether you’ve encountered color powder at a birthday party, an outdoor celebration, or a school art class, you might ask whether you’ll find a color powder stain on  your skin. Let’s answer this question and more […]

What Ingredients Are Used to Make Color Powder?


Color powder and color powder events are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. As we take part in these festivities, we are not usually concerned with our physical health; but should we be? Some color powder companies utilize toxic or hazardous ingredients in their color powder which are unsafe for humans. Instead of missing […]

The Best Summer Color Run Fundraiser Ideas


This summer, make your color run fundraiser one to remember. With some of the best summer themes and ideas to shake up your color run, The Color Powder Supply Co., is here to help you raise more money and create a memorable experience for your community.  Shake Up Your Summer Color Run Ready to take […]

How To Save The Color In Your Color Run T-Shirt


Color runs are a great way to raise awareness for a cause while also providing participants with a memorable experience. Keep the memories alive by setting the color into your color run t-shirt. With these simple steps, your color run t-shirt is sure to last a lifetime.  Save the Color in Your Color Run T-Shirt […]

Top Color Powder Colors of 2022


We are a quarter of the way into 2022, and already it seems to be the year of colors! As America’s top wholesale color powder supplier in the USA we have been monitoring the color powder trends and discovered the top sellers for this year. Green Color Powder One of the top five color powder […]

How to Clean Up After Your Color Powder Event


Color powder events are fun and engaging ways to entertain your family or community. However, it comes at a price—cleaning up. Cleaning up after a color powder event can be a hassle, and if you don’t know the right methods, your clothes, hair, and furniture can end up ruined. Thankfully, at Color Powder Supply Co. […]

Why You Should Try Color Powder Photography


Stuck in a rut with your photography? Why not try using color powder in your craft? This fun and explosive burst of color can contrast or heighten the movement that you capture on the camera. But how do you use it? What type of color powder should you use? And how do you truly capture […]

How to Choose the Best Color Powder Colors for Your Color Run


Planning a color run is a fun and engaging way to raise money for a cause, encourage community participation, and bring together a diverse group of people. Learning how to choose the best color powder colors for your color run is one of the many parts (if not the most important part) of planning a […]

2022 Gender Reveal Trends Using Color Powder


People love celebrating gender reveals, which makes the 2022 gender reveal trends using color powder that much more exciting. Gender reveals are traditionally celebrated with colors representing the baby-to-be’s gender. The color powder works well for this occasion. You can fill balloons with color powder to keep it a surprise and then pop them for […]

5 Holidays You Can Celebrate with Color Powder


People associate color powder with the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, celebrated throughout the world today. That said, we’ve compiled a list of 5 holidays you can celebrate with color powder. Colorful holidays like the Fourth of July and Mardi Gras are obvious choices. People also love using color as a theme for Valentine’s Day, […]