How to Plan a Color Powder War


Learning how to plan a color powder war is an exciting and memorable experience for all involved. Throwing color powder is safe, cheap, and great fun. It works well for parties or programming for youth groups or summer camps. It will also make for some unforgettable photo opportunities. Planning a color war is easy. The […]

5 Tips for Using Color Powder


Whether celebrating Holi, throwing a gender reveal, or just wanting some excitement at your party, these 5 tips for using color powder can be the key to bumping your event to the next level. Using color powder correctly can mean the difference between just another occasion and a truly memorable one. Here are five tips […]

What is Color Powder Made Of?


Many people wonder what color powder is made of. People want to know whether it dyes clothes or skin and whether it is safe. Our color powder at Color Powder Supply is made of ingredients that ensure safe use. Taking minor precautions will ensure that your use of color powder is as safe as possible. […]

How to Make Color Powder Balloons


Color powder balloons work for all kinds of occasions. People use them for gender reveal parties, color runs, and all sorts of celebrations. A color powder balloon is an inflated balloon filled with color powder for a dramatic effect when you pop the balloon. It creates a beautiful photo opportunity and fun memories. Once you […]